Septic System Health

Make septic pumping and inspections a priority

Pump your septic tank every 3 to 5 years to ensure optimal operation.

Tips for keeping a healthy system

  • Don't plant any deep rooted vegetation on or near the system
  • Do not build any structures on your system
  • Divert rainwater or runoff
  • Inspect the concrete tank baffles
  • No grease
  • No chemicals or bleach
  • Use phosphate free detergents
  • Don't flush paper towel or feminine products
  • Avoid cushioned toilet paper
  • No lawn fertilizers
  • Make a natural shoreline a priority in landscaping
  • Retrofit with water saving appliances and fixtures
  • Spread heavy water usage such as laundry throughout the week


Reduce phosphates, maintain a natural Shoreline and Preserve our Water Quality

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