Private Road Grant Program

The Municipality of Highlands East has established a grant program for the improvement of private roads. The grant is based on the length of the road and the number of residents that live along it.

How to apply

Visit our online Private Road Grant Application form to apply.

About the grant

The objective of this grant is to assist and encourage the regular maintenance and improvement of private roads resulting in better accessibility for traffic. Read the by-law.

Grant procedure:

The following application and qualification procedure is fully detailed in our By-law to Establish a Grant Program to Assist with Improvement Costs of Private Roads:

  1. The property owners (including undeveloped lots) fronting and/or utilizing a specific private road must form a road maintenance group which shall include or represent at least two-thirds (2/3) of those property owners;
  2. The property owners (including undeveloped lots) on which the private road is located on shall provide written permission for any work being done;
  3. The formula to determine the eligible amount for each roadway shall be an "X" factor plus a "Y" factor, where "X" represents an amount based on the length of roadway and the "Y" factor represents an amount based on the number of unique property owners serviced by that roadway;
  4. All applications shall be forwarded to the Municipal Treasurer who shall have the responsibility/authority of determining grant eligibility and authorizing grants based on having met the following criteria:
    • a) Documentation of participation by two-thirds (2/3) of property owners in sharing the costs of road maintenance.
    • b) Presentation of paid invoices for road improvements in the current year;
    • c) Presentation of before and after pictures.
  5. Grant applications must be submitted by September 30th. Grants will reimburse property owners to assist with road improvements and will be paid in one lump sum;
  6. The road maintenance group will be solely responsible to oversee the administration and supervision of annual work programs and related budget and furthermore the Municipality will have no responsibility, obligation or exercise any degree of operational control with respect to maintenance of the affected roads;
  7. Grants are not guaranteed and due to budgeting constraints may be curtailed at any time by resolution of Council;
  8. Council may from time to time establish further conditions on the approval of grants that may be generally applied or specific to a particular situation.