Community Reuse and Recycle Centres

Community Reuse and Recycle Centres are set up at some landfill sites in Highlands East. They allow residents to drop off unwanted items that may be picked up and used by others. All items left at Reuse and Recycle Centre must be appropriate and properly placed within the designated area.

Any member of the public may pick up an unwanted item, they do not have to be residents of the Municipality, however only residents may leave items.


  • Bicroft Landfill Site located at 22884 Highway 118 approximately 5 minutes outside of Cardiff.
  • Mumford Road Landfill Site located at 1365 Mumford Road between Wilberforce and Harcourt. 
  • Monmouth Landfill Site located at 19178 Highway 118 between Wilberforce and Tory Hill.

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