Plans, Reports and Publications

The Municipality of Highlands East uses various reports, plans and publications as guides for decision making and municipal operations. They are listed below along with downloads or instructions on how the public can view or obtain them.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan acts as a guide for renewing, operating, maintaining, building, replacing and disposing of core infrastructure like roads, bridges and water. Infrastructure investment is an important part of municipal government. It helps economic development, improves quality of life and can also create jobs.


The Asset Management Plan and Strategic Asset Management Policy PDF documents are being provided as-is and have not been remediated for accessibility under the AODA. This decision was made in good faith due to the high costs involved that rendered the remediation of these documents not practicable as outlined in Subsection 14(6) of O.Reg. 191/11. If you require assistance in accessing these documents please contact us and we will make every effort to assist you.

Budget and Financial Reports

Please view our Budget and Financial Reports page for details and downloads.

Cardiff and Dyno Estates Drinking Water Systems Operational and Financial Plans

The operational and financial plans are a series of continuously updated documents. If you wish to view these plans please contact the Environmental department by email or phone 613-339-2442.

Cardiff and Dyno Estates Well Reports

These annual reports show maintenance information and test results for drinking water systems wells operated by the municipality. If you wish to view these reports please contact the Environmental department by email or phone 613-339-2442.

Cardiff Sewage Works Reports

These annual reports describe operations at the Cardiff Sewage Pump Station and Sewage Lagoon System. If you wish to view these reports please contact the Environmental department by email or phone 613-339-2442.

Emergency Response Plan

The emergency response plan has been prepared to provide key officials, agencies and departments of the Municipality of Highlands East with important emergency response information. If you wish to view this plan please contact the Municipal Office.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

As part of the Ontario Green Energy Act we develop and maintain a five year energy conservation plan and report annually on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from our facilities. These complex documents are available upon request by contacting the Municipal Office.

Energy Usage Reports

We publish energy usage for our buildings and facilities as part of the Ontario Green Energy Act. The reports are available to download below in Microsoft Excel format. The reports show electricity, heating oil and propane consumption data on a building by building, fuel type by fuel type basis.


Sewage Disposal Site Reports

The ECA requires the site owner to submit a performance report on an annual basis, describing the site operations for the previous calendar year. To obtain a copy of the annual report, please contact the Environmental department by email or phone 613-339-2442.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan establishes a collective vision of where the Municipality should focus its energies. It aids in planning for the future, maximizing resources and assisting in communicating our priorities.


Trent Source Protection Plan

This source water protection plan outlines how the Trent Conservation Coalition plans to fulfil their goal of protecting existing and future drinking water sources.

View the latest Source Protection Plan (SPP) on the Trent Conservation Coalition website.

Waste Disposal Site Reports

These reports describe waste disposal sites and their conditions, operations and make recommendations for their use and continued operation. Copies of these reports are available upon request by contacting the Public Works Department.