Commissioner of Oaths

The Municipality of Highlands East does not have a Notary Public on staff. If your documents require a Notary Public, you should contact a Lawyer's office.

What's the difference between a Notary Public and a Commissioner?

A commissioner is not the same as a Notary Public. The Municipality does not have a Notary Public on staff. A commissioner can only administer oaths and take affidavits. A Notary Public, under the Notaries Act, can commission and certify documents as true copies to verify signatures. If you require a document to be notarized as opposed to commissioned, the person administering the oath or affidavit is generally a lawyer.

Process and requirements

  • All parties required to sign the document must be present and provide two pieces of valid identification, one of these must have a picture and they must not be expired. Health Cards cannot be used as photo identification in Ontario;
  • The affidavit must be signed in the presence of the commissioner;
  • The entire document must be presented;
  • Staff will review the document to determine if the document meets specifications; and
  • If the paperwork is in order, all parties named in the document will then swear an oath of truth and the document will be stamped and sealed.


The Municipality will not commission documents related to the following (you will be referred to a solicitor):

  • Wills and Estate Matters
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Financial Related Documents or Forms
  • Certified True Copies

Transfer of Vehicle documents should be commissioned at your local Service Ontario office.

The Commissioner of Oaths will not assist with the completion of an affidavit or provide legal advice and is not responsible for the content of the affidavit; it is the responsibility of the person whose signature is being commissioned. The person signing the document must understand the details to which they are confirming and that they are swearing an oath that the details are correct.

Declined documents

It is at the discretion of the Commissioner of Oaths whether or not they choose to sign the document. If a Commissioner of Oaths is uneasy about the identity of the person signing or the content of the document for any reason, the Commissioner of Oaths may refuse to sign the document and you will be referred to a lawyer.

The Commissioner cannot commission documents in any language other than English, as they are unable to validate the information.


The fee to have a document commissioned is $10.00 per commissioning.