Find what you need and get where you want to be with maps of Highlands East.

Mural of the IB & O train in Wilberforce.
Art Installations

Murals and sculptures of cultural significance.

An old headstone in one of our cemeteries.

Active and abandoned cemeteries in Highlands East.

Anglican Church in Wilberforce on a sunny day.

Past and present places of worship.

Canada flag flying in front of the Robert McCausland Memorial Community Centre in Gooderham.

Find municipal facilities throughout Highlands East.

Black and white photo of the old South Wilberforce mill.
History and Heritage

Find locations of historical importance to the area.

A winter photo of Wilberforce Elementary School.

Find current and former schools in the Municipality.

A section of the Highlands East Ward Map.
Wards of Highlands East
The view from a small boat on a misty lake.
Water Access

Swimming and boat launch locations in Highlands East.

A person using a laptop computer.
Wi-Fi Locations

See where you can get online for free.