Budget and Financial Reports

Each year a local municipality prepares and adopts a budget. The budgeting process allows municipalities to prioritize projects, programs and service levels based on anticipated revenue and expenses.

2023 Budget Summaries

General Government

2023 General Government Budget Summary
Total General Government Revenue ($2,436,982)
   Total Council Expenses $217,480
   Total Administration Expenses $1,139,896
General Government Total Expenses $1,357,376
General Government Net Taxation Requirement $1,079,606

Fire Department

2023 Fire Department Budget Summary
Total Fire Department Revenue ($344,448)
Total Fire Department Expenses $1,201,374
Net Fire Department Taxation Requirement $856,926


2023 Policing Budget Summary
Total Policing Revenue ($5,000)
Total Policing Expenses $1,144,948
Net Policing Taxation Requirement $1,139,948


2023 Conservation Authority Budget Summary
Total Conservation Authority Revenue ($0)
Total Conservation Authority Expenses $64,255
Net Conservation Authority Taxation Requirement $64,255

Protective Inspection & Control

2023 Protective Inspection & Control Budget Summary
Total Protective Inspection & Control Revenue ($290,750)
Total Protective Inspection & Control Expenses $577,788
Net Protective Inspection & Control Taxation Requirement $287,038

By-law Enforcement

2023 By-law Enforcement Budget Summary
Total By-law Enforcement Revenue ($17,000)
Total By-law Enforcement Expenses $172,591
Net By-law Enforcement Taxation Requirement $155,591

Emergency Measures

2023 Emergency Measures Budget Summary
Total Emergency Measures Revenue ($0)
Total Emergency Measures Expenses $35,675
Net Emergency Measures Taxation Requirement $35,675


2023 Roads Budget Summary
Total Roads Revenue ($1,357,500)
Total Roads Expenses $4,492,797
Net Roads Taxation Requirement $3,135,297


2023 Wastewater Budget Summary
Total Wastewater Revenue ($212,973)
   Total Septage Expenses $135,749
   Total Sewer Lagoon Expenses $212,973
Total Wastewater Expenses $348,722
Net Wastewater Taxation Requirement $135,749


2023 Water Budget Summary
Total Water Revenue ($254,804)
Total Water Expenses $644,342
Net Water Taxation Requirement $389,538


2023 Waste Budget Summary
Total Waste Revenue ($363,000)
Total Waste Expenses $1,076,215
Net Waste Taxation Requirement $713,215

Environment & Green Energy

2023 Environment & Green Energy Budget Summary
Total Environment & Green Energy Revenue ($0)
Total Environment & Green Energy Expenses $5,000
Net Environment & Green Energy Taxation Requirement $5,000

Public Health Services

2023 Public Health Services Budget Summary
Total Public Health Services Revenue ($0)
Total Public Health Services Expenses $14,000
Net Public Health Services Taxation Requirement $14,000


2023 Cemeteries Budget Summary
Total Cemeteries Revenue ($5,000)
Total Cemeteries Expenses $41,140
Net Cemeteries Taxation Requirement $36,140

Parks, Recreation Programs & Facilities

2023 Parks, Recreation Programs & Facilities Budget Summary
Total Parks, Recreation Programs & Facilities Revenue ($745,586)
Total Parks, Recreation Programs & Facilities Expenses $1,570,228
Net Parks, Recreation Programs & Facilities Taxation Requirement $824,642

Libraries & Cultural Services

2023 Libraries & Cultural Services Budget Summary
Total Libraries & Cultural Services Revenue ($0)
Total Libraries & Cultural Services Expenses $33,951
Net Libraries & Cultural Services Taxation Requirement $33,951

Other Housing

2023 Other Housing Budget Summary
Total Other Housing Revenue ($0)
Total Other Housing Expenses $11,500
Net Other Housing Taxation Requirement $11,500

Planning & Zoning

2023 Planning & Zoning Budget Summary
Total Planning & Zoning Revenue ($85,000)
Total Planning & Zoning Expenses $202,323
Net Planning & Zoning Taxation Requirement $117,323

Commercial & Industrial

2023 Commercial & Industrial Budget Summary
Total Commercial & Industrial Revenue ($9,747)
Total Commercial & Industrial Expenses $65,747
Net Commercial & Industrial Taxation Requirement $56,000

Overall Budget Totals

2023 Overall Budget Totals Summary
Total Revenues ($6,127,790)
Total Expenses $13,059,972
Net Taxation Requirement $6,932,182

The budget is prepared to align with our capital forecasts as well as the Strategic Plan, Asset Management Plan and Strategic Asset Management Policy.

The Municipality values the importance of long term financial planning to ensure sustainability and rehabilitation or replacement of our assets.

Detailed Budget Documents

The Municipality has published departmental totals that summarize the current annual budget. Detailed budget documents are available upon request.

Audited Financial Statements

The Municipal Act requires that every Ontario municipality prepare annual audited financial statements. These statements are available upon request.