Speaking Before Council

People wishing to appear as a delegation to Council need to complete our online request for delegation form and submit it and any supporting documents to the Clerk five working days before to the meeting date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a delegation? 

The purpose of a delegation to Council is to provide information to Council. You are there to make a presentation to Council and bring relevant information, request funds, or provide an update on committee activities. Council may or may not make a decision on the matter at the time of the delegation but may ask staff to bring back a report so that they can make an informed decision.

How are council meetings held and how will I be expected to attend?

Council meetings currently follow a hybrid model, with participation taking place virtually using videoconferencing software and/or in person, dependent on decision of Head of Council, and/or the CAO and Municipal Clerk. You will be notified as part of planning process how you will be expected to attend and participate.

How do I get on a Council agenda as a delegation to Council? 

You need to notify the Clerk in writing not less than five (5) working days prior to the date of the meeting as required by the Procedural By-law.

How long can I speak for? 

Delegations are limited to fifteen (15) minutes. If you have additional information that cannot be covered in this time, please provide the material in advance to the Clerk.

What should I provide in my request? 

You need to specify in writing the nature of the business to be discussed, provide background material and name the delegate who will address Council or Committee. If you do not provide sufficient information or refuse to disclose the reason for your delegation it could result in the request being refused. If you have a video or slide presentation, you may do so but the time limitations still apply. If you require equipment or set-up, please advise the Clerk in advance of the meeting so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Can a group attend as a delegation? 

A group can request to attend as a delegation, but only two members are permitted to speak to Council. The fifteen minute limit applies to groups as well as individuals.

I need Council to know about my problem but I can't appear as a delegation. How do I reach them? 

You have several options. You can write a letter to Council and it will appear as correspondence on an upcoming agenda. You can, of course, contact the members of Council directly.