Dog Licenses

Dog tags can be obtained by submitting a Dog Licence Application at the Wilberforce Municipal Office during regular business hours or online.


If a dog is spayed or neutered the fee is $5 per tag and if not spayed or neutered the cost is $10 per tag.

Application Form

Complete the Dog Licence Application to obtain your dog tags.

Kennel Licensing

Please call by-law enforcement at 613-339-2442 if you are interested in acquiring a kennel licence.

How Do I Purchase a Dog Licence?

In person

After completing the Dog Licence Application bring it and your payment to the Wilberforce Municipal Office during regular business hours.


Purchase or Renew online to save time.

Complete and submit the Dog Licence Application by emailing it to us. You can also mail it to us at the Wilberforce Municipal Office:

P.O. Box 295
Wilberforce, Ontario
K0L 3C0

Once you have sent us your application, please make your payment online. Once we have your payment and application, your Dog Tags will be mailed to you.