The Municipality of Highlands East promotes the diversion of waste through recycling. We operate a two-stream recycling program for fibres and containers. We also have diversion programs for things like Plastic Containers that once held hazardous materials like oils and antifreeze, Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics and Batteries.

Recycling Guide

View our printable Recycling Guide that outlines our recycling categories and tells you what items are acceptable for recycling in Highlands East

Plastic Container Recycling

Special collection stations are located at our landfills and transfer stations for the recycling of empty plastic containers that once held hazardous waste such as oil, antifreeze and other lubricants.


  • Emptied containers need to have the caps on and placed into provided bags.
  • Pails will have lids removed and stacked into a separate provided tote. Pails and lids can go into the same tote.
  • Oil jugs and pails should not be mixed together in the bags or totes. Please use separate totes for each or stack the pails beside the totes.

List of plastics that can be picked up

  • Any kind of oil container.
  • Any kind of automotive hazardous waste plastic such as antifreeze jugs.
  • Plastic pails that have had any kind of lubricant in them. Do not include paint pails as these need to be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.
  • Big drums, drained and plugs replaced.