Landfill Fees

Fees apply to various items disposed of at all landfill sites in Highlands East. See below for a complete list of acceptable items and the fees associated with them.

As a COVID-19 safety measure, cash will no longer be accepted for landfill tipping fees. Your information will be collected and an invoice will be mailed to you. Learn more about this change.

Landfill and Recycling Fees
Household Garbage (less than one cubic-yard) No Charge
Bulk Garbage (over one cubic-yard) $25 per cubic-yard
Recyclable Material No Charge
Scrap Metal No Charge
Tires (Any type. Maximum four per visit.) No Charge
Tagged CFC (Freon) Appliance No Charge
Untagged CFC (Freon) Appliance No Charge
Non-CFC (Freon) Appliance $10 each
Furniture $10 each
Mattresses or Box Springs $15 each
Construction and Demolition Materials (sorted) $40 per cubic-yard
Construction and Demolition Materials (unsorted) $80 per cubic-yard
Contaminated Soil (soil must meet all regulatory guidelines for acceptance at landfills) $50 per cubic-yard
Brush (Four inches in diameter or less.) $20 per cubic-yard
Propane Tank (Accepted at Mumford Road and Highway 28 landfills only.) No charge.
Oil Tank (Empty, dry and cut in half.) No charge.
Automotive Batteries Not accepted.
Paint, Oil and other Hazardous Waste Materials* Not accepted.
Electronic Waste such as TVs, Monitors and Computers No charge.
Boat (Motor and gas tank removed.) $6 per foot
Shrink Wrap (Must be bundled with string.) $10 per wrap

*These items can be dropped off during scheduled Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days held throughout the year.