Wilbermere Lake Paddle

Around the shore of Wilbermere Lake, with a side trip up-river to the beaver dam and then on down the Irondale River to the bridge (which happens to sit on the 45th parallel), is approximately 4.5 km. Put in at the boat launch on Earle's Road and if you're circling the lake clockwise, take a well-deserved dive off the dock at the swimming beach you'll pass just before the final leg of the paddle.

Want more? If the water isn't too low, go under the first bridge and on to Ted's Lake and the second bridge. Bridge to bridge is 1 km, one way.

Don't want quite that much more?  If you happen to have 2 vehicles, leave one at each boat launch or if you want to add a walk to your paddle simply paddle from one launch to the other, beach your canoe to be picked up later, and then walk South Wilberforce Road back to where you started from (2.7 km).

Note that the rapids just beyond the one-lane bridge may or may not be passable depending on water levels. Too high and the flow may be unsafe, too low and you will be dragging your boat.

Download Wilbermere Lake Paddle Map


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