Grace Lake and Clement Lake Paddles

Whether you are looking for a big day out or a nice short circuit, these two lakes have you covered!

Grace Lake Paddle

Grace Lake is one of the larger lakes in the area with beautiful sand beaches at either end.  A paddle around its shoreline is 8 km, plus you'll need to tack on 3km (up and back) to get you from the Grace River boat launch on the Burleigh Road to the body of the lake as there is no public access onto Grace Lake itself.  While one side of the lake is populated the other side is mostly natural giving you a nice blend of scenery.  The sun setting behind the lake's central island is breathtaking.

Clement Lake Paddle

Clement Lake offers a refreshing early morning warm up or a pleasant after dinner paddle before sunset.  Circling this tiny, 2.5 km circumference lake will clear your lungs but won't strain your back or cramp your leg muscles.  There are two boat launches, one off the Burleigh Road and the other across the lake on Clement Lake Road.

Download Grace Lake and Clement Lake Paddles Map