Prospector Trail

The Prospector Trail Loop is a trail with a tale of prospectors and miners who came in the 1920's-1950's for molybdenite and flourite and discovered uraninite; the richest ore of radium. The route encompasses long abandoned mine sites such as the Harcourt Graphite mine, the Dwyer, Schickler, Tripp and Clark mines; long lost to the undergrowth. Take time to explore the rock cuts on the Old Burleigh Road and the IB&O for black tourmaline, blue apatite and deep purple flourite.

Trail head signs are located in Harcourt at the park on Midway Street and in Wilberforce on School Road.  The journey takes you along portions of the IB&O rail trail and scenic side roads. Small loops can be taken for an enjoyable walk.

Map of Prospector Trail

Download Prospector Trail Map