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2022 Municipal and School Board Election Results

This article has been updated with official election results that have been certified by our Clerk/Returning Officer.

During the municipal election held on Monday, October 24, 2022, for the offices listed below, the certified candidates received the following votes (official results) that follow their respective names:

Certified Election Results
Candidate NameOfficeVotes
Burton, Dave Mayor  1117
Ellis, Cheryl Mayor  801
McKenzie, Cam Ward 1, Bicroft Acclaimed
Dahms, Janice Ward 2, Cardiff  198
Lewis, Angela Ward 2, Cardiff  449
Ryall, Cec Ward 3, Glamorgan Acclaimed
Strong, Ruth Ward 4, Monmouth Acclaimed
Brohman, Gary School Board Trustee, English Public Acclaimed
McEnery, Peter School Board Trustee, English Separate Acclaimed
Dandavino, Kristine School Board Trustee, French Public  299
Serge, Paul School Board Trustee, French Public  214
Charron, Michel School Board Trustee, French Separate Acclaimed

These results were certified by Robyn Rogers, Municipal Clerk on October 25, 2022.

Our voting software provider, Scytl, has provided us with a PDF document that includes a breakdown of the ballots, including spoiled and declined votes.

Download Ballot Report