A red telephone handset with a sticky note that reads Scam Alert

Beware of phone scam where criminals stay on the line after you hang up

Police are warning citizens of a new type of phone scam that involves suspects using "line-trapping" technology to remain connected to your line after you hang up with them.

This technique allows them to prompt you to hang up and call a real phone number (the police or CRA for instance) to verify that they are legitimate. While the criminals are trapping your line, your next call goes to back to them, and they can fool you into thinking they are real.

The technology only allows them to trap your line for a few minutes, so police suggest making follow up calls on a delayed timeline.

We recommend making follow up calls from a different phone number if possible. If you receive a suspicious call that requires a follow up to verify, make the call from a different number, such as a cell phone or the phone of a friend or neighbor.