Protect Your Lake

Posted to Environmental, Services on May 8, 2017

The Coalition of Haliburton County Property Owners Associations and the Municipality of Highlands East would like to emphasize to waterfront property owners the importance of having healthy and natural shorelines and to not overburden your septic system with too many guests or renters.

The two pages available for download below provide more information on these topics and more information is avaiable at

Photo of a healthy shoreline.

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Steps Well Owners Need to Take After a Flood

Posted to Environmental, Services on May 8, 2017

After flooding, well owners should take actions to:

  • make their water supplies safe for consumption; and
  • protect the groundwater resource used as a source of drinking water.

When a water supply well has been affected by flood waters, the water within a well may be contaminated with waterborne pathogens (germs) that can cause serious illness in humans and pets.  The water in the well can also be contaminated by debris, fuel oil or other chemical products released during the flood.

During flooding, the ground around the well may also erode, possibly creating unsafe conditions or a pathway for surface water and contaminants to enter the well.  In other cases, the electrical wires attached to the pump in a well may be damaged risking electrocution.  Therefore, well owners should exercise extreme caution approaching their wells, especially older, large diameter dug wells after a flood.

If a well owner believes that the well has been contaminated by flood water, the well owner should discontinue using the water in the well for drinking and cooking purposes and use potable water from another source.

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Cardiff & Dyno Estates Drinking Water Systems Operational Plan

Posted to Environmental, Services on Dec 5, 2016

The Operational Plan can be viewed at our main office located at 2249 Loop Road Wilberforce, ON or at our Environmental Office located at 2778 Monck Road, Cardiff, ON.

Cardiff & Dyno Estate Drinking Water Systems Financial Report 2016

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Notice regarding Sewage Disposal System Maintenance Inspection Program

Posted to Building, By-Law, Environmental, News & Notices, Services on Jul 13, 2016

Council of the Municipality of Highlands East is committed to the preservation of the environment and natural resources of the area and is therefore considering the implementation of a sewage system maintenance inspection program commencing in the spring of 2017.  The objective of a program of this nature is to aid in keeping our lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater pollution free. Sewage disposal systems that are improperly maintained, outdated or malfunctioning may have a negative impact on the groundwater, the surrounding water bodies and the environment.

Most properties within the Municipality function with private on-site systems which are regulated through the Ontario Building Code (OBC) which is enforced by the Municipality.  It is through Part 8 of the OBC that the Municipality may initiate an inspection program.  This type of program is normally conducted on a 5 year cycle with all properties within the Municipality with systems older than 5 years being reviewed area-by-area on an annual basis until complete.
To date, Council has not determined the type of program that may be conducted; however the program would likely include a visual inspection of the property with respect to:

  • Type and number of buildings on the property
  • Type of system being used ie: privy, grey water or leaching bed
  • Evidence of sewage effluent ponding, odour or unusually green or thick grass growing on or around the tile bed
  • Surface water or ground water flows toward the sewage system
  • Tree or vegetation growth on the tile bed
  • Location of the septic system

A letter would be sent to the property owner following the inspection indicating the results. If any deficiencies have been found these would be noted in the letter. Further inspections may be required which may include opening and pumping of tanks or excavating the tile bed for inspection.

Tips for keeping your sewage disposal system happy

  • Avoid planting vegetation that has a deep root system on the leaching bed
  • Ensure that trees are at least 3m (10 feet) away from the runs in the tile bed
  • Pump the septic tank every 3 to 5 years depending on how often the system is used
  • Do not use a sink garburator
  • Do not connect water softener backwash to the septic system
  • Ensure that materials such as Kleenex, sanitary products, grease, oil, solvents, paints, food waste or excessive laundry soaps do not enter the system
  • Do not park vehicles, trailers, or other equipment or drive on the tile bed.
  • Do not use anti-bacterial products

Let’s all work together to keep our lakes, rivers and streams healthy and pollution free for our children and grandchildren.  Future generations are counting on us.

Tipping Fees for Waste Sites

Posted to Environmental, Services on May 23, 2013

The following items are not accepted at Highlands East Landfills:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Paint

The following items are accepted at no charge:

  • Household Garbage (under 1 cubic-yard)
  • Recyclable Material
  • Scrap Metal
  • Tires (off rim)
  • Tagged or Untagged CFC (Freon) Appliance
  • Brush
  • Oil Tank (empty, dry and cut in half)
  • E-Waste

The following items are accepted with a fee:

  • $20/cubic-yard: Bulk Garbage (over 1 cubic-yard)
  • $30/cubic-yard: Construction Materials and Shingles (sorted)
  • $50/cubic-yard: Construction Materials (unsorted)
  • $50/cubic-yard: Contaminated Soil (soil must meet all regulatory guidelines for acceptance at landfills)
  • $10/unit: Non-CFC (Freon Appliance)
  • $10/unit: Furniture, Mattress, Box Spring
  • $4/ft: Boat with motor & gas tank removed and not stripped of metal
  • $2/ft: Boat with motor & gas tank removed and stripped of metal

Invasive Species: What’s that alien doing in your garden?

Posted to Environmental, Services on Aug 12, 2012

By: Katherine Hills 

Dog Strangling Vine

Environment Canada defines an alien species as a species that has “become established in areas outside of their natural range”. These species can come from across the world, or from another region in Canada. Very often, alien species do not pose a significant risk to the health and biodiversity of our ecosystems and may actually be beneficial (for example, honeybees were introduced to North America in the 1600s via English settlers but are key pollinators of our crops and wild flowers). However, when the introduction or spread of an alien species threatens the environment, economy, or society, including human health, that species is considered invasive.

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Cardiff & Dyno Estate Drinking Water Systems Financial Report 2012

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Haliburton Highlands Land Trust: Protecting our lands for generations to come.

Posted to Environmental, Services on Nov 9, 2011
Crimson Grey by Lyn Winans

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental, registered environmental charity. Its mission is to protect the natural heritage of Haliburton County for future generations.

To get involved, and for more information visit

Gooderham Uranium Level Report

Posted to Environmental, Services on Jul 12, 2011

The report available for download below shows uranium levels in the water collected at the public water tap at the Gooderham Post Office. The Maximum Acceptable Concentration is 20 ug/L and the report shows that the water tested has 1.83 ug/L.

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