Local Book: Monmouth Township 1881-1981 Collected Views of the Past

Posted to Books on Sep 28, 2010
Book cover: Monmouth Township 1881-1981 Collected Views of the Past

This book presents a brief account of early settlement in Monmouth Township and of the progress made in one hundred years from 1881 to 1981.
It is the story of once thriving areas now almost forgotten with such names as Hotspur, Hadlington, Bear Lake and Ursa. It is also the story of hamlets that survived and flourished, namely Essonville, Tory Hill and Wilberforce. It tells of lumbering, mining and agriculture and of the faith and diligence of the pioneers who cleared the land, built the homes, the schools and the churches and who formed the social standards of a worthwhile society.
Little has been written about this section of Haliburton County. These notes will provide a picture of past events and the worthy people who dwelt here and loved the rolling hills, the green forest and sparkling lakes of Monmouth Township.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: Mustard Plasters and Handcars - Through the Eyes of a Red Cross Out Post Nurse by Gertrude LeRoy Miller

Posted to Books on Jan 1, 2010
Book cover: Mustard Plasters and Handcars by Gertrude LeRoy Miller

Wilberforce, in 1922, became home to the first Red Cross Outpost Hospital in Ontario. It was here in this somewhat isolated northern rural village in the Haliburton Highlands, only a short distance from southeastern Algonquin Park, that Gertrude Leroy, newly graduated as a nurse and with a certificate in public health nursing, began her career.
This is Gertrude’s story, her trials and tribulations, her joys and her successes in her 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week role. This is also the story of a unique community of people, who, though faced with the realities of economic hardships during the Depression years, emerge strengthened by the sense of fellowship and generosity.

Through the eyes of this Red Cross Outpost nurse comes a lovely nostalgic look at our days of yesteryear: the one-room schools and railways whose schedules respond to the needs of people.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library or for purchase from the Wilberforce Red Cross Outpost & Historic House.

Local Book: Cry Wild by R.D. Lawrence

Posted to Books on Nov 1, 2009
Book cover: Book: Cry Wild by R.D. Lawrence

A remarkable saga of a family of timber wolves that roam the untamed wilderness of North America’s forestland. Seen through the eyes of Silverfeet, as the young pup grows to maturity, the wolf family, animals and the roaring inferno of a forest fire that brings about Silverfeet’s fateful encounter with man.
The tale of the mad wolf and the trapper named Morgan grew into legend that would live for years, its untruths embellished by the fear that man has felt for the wolf science time began.

CRY WILD is a literary triumph that evokes a genuine love for all living creatures, and clearly proclaims that one of them, the wolf, is more sinned against than sinner.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library and is available for viewing at R.D. Lawrence Place in Minden.

Local Book: Goodroom, EH? by Elva V. Bates

Posted to Books on Oct 1, 2009
Book cover: Goodroom, Eh? by Elva V. Bates

This work of fiction is based lightly on the history describe in “ A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past” and does not attempt to describe the day-to-day life of a pioneer. Most of the characters are fictitious and their lives are followed to show different sets of circumstances that could have brought the settlers to Gooderham. Other characters are based on real people who pioneered in and around Gooderham but the characteristics, conversations and actions that are ascribed to them in this work are fictitious and it is not the authors intent to show any of them in a derogatory fashion.

Likewise some of the events actually happened but have been altered to protect the perpetrators, while others are figments of the author’s imagination. Also, the historical time-line set out in “A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past” has been “bent” occasionally to accommodate the characters and their actions.

ELVA V. BATES is a lifelong resident of Haliburton County, and has lived in Gooderham since 1957. This is her first novel and is a companion to “A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past”.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library and for purchase at the Gooderham Branch of the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: A Journey through Glamorgan’s Past by Elva V. Bates

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Book cover: A Journey through Glamorgan's Past by Elva V. Bates

A culmination of intensive research to determine who the early settlers of Glamorgan were, where they lived, the industries, organizations and businesses that developed to support them and the changes that have occurred in the Township through recent times.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library and for purchase at the Gooderham Branch of the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: Generation to Generation

Posted to Books on Aug 1, 2009
Book cover: Generation to Generation

Haliburton County Seniors tell their stories written by the 2006/2007 Grade 12 Writer’s Craft Students of Haliburton Highlands Secondary School.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: Me n Len by Richard Pope

Posted to Books on Jun 1, 2009
Book cover: Me N Len

Me n Len is a warm and humorously nostalgic look back at life in the backwoods of Ontario in the “good old days”. The setting is the rural area of eastern Haliburton, Ontario in the decades before chainsaws and the outboard motor become the common sounds in this beautiful region of central Canada.

The main character is a grizzled and lovable 82-year-old trapper and woodsman named Len who takes the reader through the adventures in his memory to meet the people of his past. The stories he tells and the way he tells them are often funny, sometimes poignant, but always filled with an unforgettable down-to-earth philosophy.

Richard Pope has spent much of his time during the past thirty-five years in Haliburton and has come to know the area intimately. His deep interest in the area’s history and legends led to the writing of this unique and fascinating book.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: Tales of the Trail by Theodore Peacock, “The Haliburton Trapper”

Posted to Books on May 1, 2009
Book cover: Tales of the Trail by Theo. Peacock

At a tender age, Theodore was initiated into the art of trapping by his father; since then, trapping and guiding have been his chosen work, and his way of life. The solitude attendant to a trapper’s life is particularly well suited to a man of Theo’s poetical and analytical soul.

With all the modesty of a shy person, Theo Peacock hastily disclaims credit for his writing. He explains that he never tried to write poetry in its proper form, and quotes from his favorite authors with awed reverence.

Despite the lake of privileges afforded to most, this small gem has grown, been seen, appreciated and is now acknowledged, because beauty, understanding and expression of thought is a must and always will be in man’s heart.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.

Local Book: Over The Hill by Stan Beard

Posted to Books on Apr 1, 2009
Book cover: Over the Hill

Stan Beard’s collection of Senior Life columns from the Haliburton County Echo takes pride in being, “over the hill.”

Local Book: When We Were Young: Haliburton County Seniors Share Their Childhood Memories

Posted to Books on Mar 1, 2009
Book cover: When We Were Young

The 2007/2008 grade 5/6 students from Wilberforce Elementary School were randomly partnered with local seniors. For 15 weeks the partners worked together, wrote together, laughed together, talked together, painted together, dramatized together, and even shared quiet moments together. A wonderful bond of friendship and respect was quickly developed. The seniors shared their fondest memories of when they were young with the students. The students listened, asked questions, added comments, and then began writing the memories. What evolved is this incredible book consisting of each senior’s story written by their student partner.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.