Road closed signs standing at the South Wilberforce Bridge construction site.

South Wilberforce Bridge Spring Construction Update

Residents located on South Wilberforce Road and the surrounding area are advised that construction for the replacement of the South Wilberforce Bridge has resumed following the winter shutdown. Work continues in April and May with the completion of the upper section of the concrete abutments and wingwalls, installation of the steel girders and construction of the deck and barrier system

Construction of the new bridge by Bonnechere Excavating Inc. is proceeding on budget and on schedule. Substantial completion and re-opening of the bridge crossing to traffic is tentatively scheduled for the end of June 2022.

Highlands East staff and their engineering consultant; Planmac Engineering Inc., appreciate the public's continued patience and cooperation during the construction of this very important federal and provincially funded infrastructure renewal project.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please call or email Highlands East and/or our engineering consultant, Planmac Engineering Inc. Contact information is provided below.

Mr. Brad Kalus, LEL, C.E.T.
Consultant Project Manager / Contract Administrator Planmac Engineering Inc.
Tel: 705-653-0323 (Office) or 647-523-9227 (Cell)

Ms. Abby Armstrong, B.A., RMO/RMI
Public Works Manager, Municipality of Highlands East
Tel: 705-448-1595