A red COVID-19 Emergency sign

Highlands East Emergency Operations Centre Activated

Effective March 18, 2020 and as part of the close monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Highlands East has activated its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

Safety is our priority

The Municipality is focused on efforts to protect staff, their families and the community from potential exposure to COVID-19.

The role of the EOC

The role of the Municipality’s EOC is to coordinate a response to any type of emergency. The EOC provides support and resources to the emergency and ensures business continuity for Municipal services. The EOC will be meeting on a daily basis to actively monitor the situation. Information will be communicated as information becomes available to us.

Previous actions

In addition to activating the EOC, the Municipality had previously implemented the following safety precautions:

  • Closure of all Highlands East facilities including the Municipal Office and sub offices to the public. Staff are available by phone.
  • All Council meetings and Advisory Committee meetings scheduled have been postponed

What you can do

COVID-19 is an issue that is currently on everyone’s mind. In order to protect ourselves and our community from his virus, it is imperative that we continue social distancing or self-isolation measures as a way to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 in the community. Please limit your interactions with people outside of your immediate family.

Anyone who begins to feel unwell (fever, new cough or difficulty breathing) under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, should return home and self-isolate immediately. People who are self-isolating should seek clinical assessment over the phone through TeleHealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or by calling their primary care provider's office. If you need additional
assessment, your primary care provider or TeleHealth will direct you to in-person care options. If you are in medical distress and need urgent care, you should call 911 and let them know that you are self-isolating because of COVID-19.

Stay informed

The Municipality will continue to communicate all information by means of media releases to local radio stations and newspapers. We have set up a dedicated COVID-19 news category on our website where people can subscribe to updates and see everything that has been posted about the coronavirus pandemic. We will also be publishing these updates to our social media pages as they become available to us.

Help eachother

 The health and safety of the community is our top priority. Please continue to look out for one another and support each other during these uncertain times. As a community, we can get through this together.