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2010 Municipal Election: Official Results

Posted to Elections on Oct 26, 2010

The Clerk of the Corporation of the Municipality of Highlands East in the County of Haliburton has declared the following candidates elected as a result of the Municipal Election held October 25, 2010.

Reeve: Dave Burton

Ward 1 Councillor: Steve Kauffeldt

Ward 2 Councillor: Suzanne Partridge

Ward 3 Councillor:  Cecil Ryall

Ward 4 Councillor: Joan Barton

2010 Municipal Election: Unofficial Results

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Dave Burton: 2156 Votes
Jack Bartholomew: 1195 Votes

Ward 1 Councillor

Steven Kauffeldt: 164 Votes
Barry Dickinson: 153 Votes

Ward 2 Councillor

Suzanne Partridge: 638 Votes
Basil Cox: 400 Votes

Ward 3 Councillor

Cecil Ryall: 400 Votes
Donna Graham: 356 Votes
Chuck Viner: 182 Votes
Beverly Macduff: 152 Votes

Ward 4 Councillor

Joan Barton: 631 Votes
Gary Stoughton: 365 Votes

Vote-By-Mail Tutorial

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2010 Muncipal Election: List of Certified Candidates

Posted to Council, Elections on Sep 13, 2010

The following candidates have been certified as of September 13, 2010.

Reeve Candidate:  Dave Burton - Box 236, Wilberforce, ON
dave [at] daveburton [dot] orgwww.daveburton.org

Reeve Candidate:  Jack Bartholomew - Box 362, Wilberforce, ON
jack [at] jackbartholomew [dot] ca | www.jackbartholomew.ca

Ward 1 Candidate:  Barry Dickinson - RR3, Bancroft, ON
barry [dot] dickinson [at] sympatico [dot] ca

Ward 1 Candidate:  Steven Kauffeldt - Box 161, Cardiff, ON
stevenkauffeldt [at] yahoo [dot] ca | stevenkauffeldt.doodlekit.com

Ward 2 Candidate:  Basil Cox - RR3, Bancroft, ON
basilcox [at] ymail [dot] com

Ward 2 Candidate:  Suzanne Partridge - 26909 HWY 28, RR3, Bancroft, ON
secret [dot] gardener [at] ymail [dot] com

Ward 3 Candidate:  Beverly MacDuff - Box 39, Gooderham, ON
bevmacduff [at] sympatico [dot] ca 

Ward 3 Candidate:  Donna Graham - Box 163, Gooderham, ON
grahamre [at] bellnet [dot] ca

Ward 3 Candidate:  Cecil Ryall - Box 359, Gooderham, ON
ryallbcs [at] sympatico [dot] ca | www.cecryall.ca

Ward 3 Candidate:  Chuck Viner - Box 239, Gooderham, ON
chuckviner [at] sympatico [dot] ca | www.chuckviner.co.cc

Ward 4 Candidate:  Gary Stoughton - Box 22, Wilberforce, ON

Ward 4 Candidate:  Joan Barton - RR1, Tory Hill, ON
joan [at] joanbarton [dot] ca | www.joanbarton.ca

English Public School Board Trustee Candidate: Valerie Smith - Harcourt, ON

English Public School Board Trustee Candidate: Gary Brohman - Haliburton, ON

English Separate School Board Trustee Candidate: Brian Kerby - Gananoque, ON

French Public School Board Trustee Candidate: Mike Ross - Ajax, ON

French Public School Board Trustee Candidate: Sylvie A. Landry - Pickering, ON

French Separate School Board Trustee Candidate: Andre Ouellette - Gananoque, ON

Official 2006 Election Results

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