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Haliburton County Age Friendly Master Plan

Posted to Downloads, News & Notices on Nov 3, 2017

The Age-Friendly Master Plan is meant to guide the development of services and infrastructure to better support the growing population of older adults throughout Haliburton County.

The development of the Age-Friendly Master Plan was led by The Aging Well Committee, a group of local seniors and public health staff working to improve the quality of life for older adults in Haliburton County. The committee works with other community partners to listen to the needs of older adults, raise awareness of seniors’ issues, and advocate on their behalf.

The Age-Friendly Master Plan is an initiative of the Aging Well Committee, in partnership with the County of Haliburton and funded by the Government of Ontario and is available for download below.

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Draft Wellhead Protection Areas Amendment for Zoning By-law 2005-29

Posted to Downloads, News & Notices, Zoning By-Law on Oct 18, 2017

The Municipality of Highlands East is required to implement the Trent Source Protection Plan under the Clean Water Act and therefore plans to amend By-law 2005-29, the Zoning By-law as amended, with respect to lands identified by the Trent Source Protection Plan as Wellhead Protection Areas.

The document and associated maps are avaialble for download below.

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Energy Conservation & Management Plan

Posted to Downloads, Energy Conservation Plan on Sep 26, 2017

The Highlands East Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan has been developed as part of the Green Energy Act 2009, O.Reg. 397/11 that came in to force on January 1st, 2012. The regulation applies to all public agencies in Ontario, including municipalities and municipal service boards responsible for the treatment or pumping of water or sewage.

The Ontario Provincial Government requires public agencies to better understand and manage their energy consumption. Therefore, the purposes of the regulation is for public agencies to report annually on energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for buildings and facilities in which the agency conducts its operations from, that are heated or cooled or are related to the treatment or pumping of water or sewage. 

In addition to the energy usage reporting, public agencies are required to develop a five (5) year energy conservation plan, published online and commencing July 1st, 2014.

For more information please contact:

Shannon Hunter

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Asset Management Plan

Posted to Asset Management Plan, Downloads on Sep 14, 2017

The Municipality of Highlands East has prepared an Asset Management Plan for its core infrastructure services including roads, bridges, water and wastewater. The Plan is intended to provide a comprehensive reference for renewing, operating, maintaining, building, replacing and disposing of the municipality’s core Infrastructure Assets. The plan is based on the guidelines provided in the Province of Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure’s Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. The Plan is based on currently available data and information on the core services of the municipality. The plan is a living document and will require continuous updates and improvements over time with the municipality’s ongoing data collection programs.

Infrastructure investment is an important component of municipal government responsibility. It helps facilitate economic development, promotes quality of life improvement for residents and can even create jobs.

For more information please contact:

Shannon Hunter, CMO, AMCT, Dipl.M.M.
Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer
705-448-2981 Ext. 231

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By-Law 2017.66 Solar Projects Policy

Posted to Building, By-Law, Downloads, Services on Aug 17, 2017

By-Law 2017.67 Tariff of Fees for Planning Matters

Posted to By-Law, Downloads, Services on Aug 17, 2017

Lottery License Information

Posted to Administrative, Downloads, Services on Jul 26, 2017

Definition of a Lottery Event:
A lottery event contains three (3) components: Consideration or Fee, Chance and Prize 

It is the responsibility of each applicant whose signature appears on the License Application and/or anyone who is taking responsibility for the conduct of the lottery event to read and fully understand the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's (AGCO) Terms and Conditions relating to the type of lottery scheme being conducted. (Terms and Conditions are available at the Municipality of Highlands East or on the AGCO website at:

Type of Lottery Events:

Lottery License Checklist

Follow the steps detailed below to successfully obtain a Lottery License in Highlands East.

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2016 Financial Statements

Posted to Downloads, Financial Reports on Jul 20, 2017

The audited Financial Statements for the year 2016 for the Municipality of Highlands East are now available for download below.

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Private Road Grant Program and Application Form

Posted to Applications, Downloads, Roads, Services on Jun 15, 2017

The Municipality of Highlands East has established a grant program for the improvement of private roads. The By-Law, Policy and Application form is available for download below.

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2016 Council Remuneration

Posted to Council, Downloads, Financial Reports on Apr 5, 2017