Request for Proposal 2019-5-T Website Design & Development

The County of Haliburton, Municipality of Highlands East and the Township of Minden Hills are seeking proposals on all or some of the following parts: providing all necessary professional development services including specialty consultants for the purposes of developing a municipal website, back end administration for web applications, and a content moderation system, for each of the three aforementioned Municipalities.

For further details and full submission requirements and instructions please download the RFP below.

A sealed proposal package shall be submitted at or before the closing date and time:

Thursday, May 9th, 2019, at 12:00PM, EST

Clearly address the proposal package to the County of Haliburton Administration office as follows:

The County of Haliburton
11 Newcastle St, Minden, Ontario, K0M 2K0
Attention: Mike March
Re: RFP 2019-5-T Website Design & Development

Download File