Notice Regarding Cardiff Drainage and Road Improvements

Drain Bros Excavating Limited/Norway Asphalt has been awarded a contract for surface works and associated road resurfacing of the streets in Cardiff. Drain Bros/Norway Asphalt is scheduling to commence October 1st with tentative completion mid November.

The following instructions are provided regarding specific issues that may arise over the course of construction.

Street Access:
The streets may have isolated closures but access will be maintained and reopened to local traffic after 6PM.

Driveway Access:
Access to driveways maybe restricted when working in vicinity of the driveway but will be reinstalled as soon as possible and in most cases by the end of day.

Safety Concerns:
Please be aware that the nature of the work involves excavations, operation of large heavy equipment, etc. Although areas will be delineated and full safety measures installed for the project, please ensure that children, etc. are kept a safe distance from all work areas.

If you have any other special needs, accessibility issues or general inquiries about the project please contact the following:

Brian Shorey Project Manager 1 (705) 875-3820
Ken Davis Project Superintendent 1 (705) 875-2619
Nick Lamirande Grade Foreman 1 (705) 875-4704
Ralph Hale Paving Foreman 1 (705) 875-3464

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