Local Book: Tales of the Trail by Theodore Peacock, “The Haliburton Trapper”

Posted to Books on May 1, 2009
Book cover: Tales of the Trail by Theo. Peacock

At a tender age, Theodore was initiated into the art of trapping by his father; since then, trapping and guiding have been his chosen work, and his way of life. The solitude attendant to a trapper’s life is particularly well suited to a man of Theo’s poetical and analytical soul.

With all the modesty of a shy person, Theo Peacock hastily disclaims credit for his writing. He explains that he never tried to write poetry in its proper form, and quotes from his favorite authors with awed reverence.

Despite the lake of privileges afforded to most, this small gem has grown, been seen, appreciated and is now acknowledged, because beauty, understanding and expression of thought is a must and always will be in man’s heart.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.