Local Book: Monmouth Township 1881-1981 Collected Views of the Past

Posted to Books on Sep 28, 2010
Book cover: Monmouth Township 1881-1981 Collected Views of the Past

This book presents a brief account of early settlement in Monmouth Township and of the progress made in one hundred years from 1881 to 1981.
It is the story of once thriving areas now almost forgotten with such names as Hotspur, Hadlington, Bear Lake and Ursa. It is also the story of hamlets that survived and flourished, namely Essonville, Tory Hill and Wilberforce. It tells of lumbering, mining and agriculture and of the faith and diligence of the pioneers who cleared the land, built the homes, the schools and the churches and who formed the social standards of a worthwhile society.
Little has been written about this section of Haliburton County. These notes will provide a picture of past events and the worthy people who dwelt here and loved the rolling hills, the green forest and sparkling lakes of Monmouth Township.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library.