Local Book: Goodroom, EH? by Elva V. Bates

Posted to Books on Oct 1, 2009
Book cover: Goodroom, Eh? by Elva V. Bates

This work of fiction is based lightly on the history describe in “ A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past” and does not attempt to describe the day-to-day life of a pioneer. Most of the characters are fictitious and their lives are followed to show different sets of circumstances that could have brought the settlers to Gooderham. Other characters are based on real people who pioneered in and around Gooderham but the characteristics, conversations and actions that are ascribed to them in this work are fictitious and it is not the authors intent to show any of them in a derogatory fashion.

Likewise some of the events actually happened but have been altered to protect the perpetrators, while others are figments of the author’s imagination. Also, the historical time-line set out in “A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past” has been “bent” occasionally to accommodate the characters and their actions.

ELVA V. BATES is a lifelong resident of Haliburton County, and has lived in Gooderham since 1957. This is her first novel and is a companion to “A Journey Through Glamorgan’s Past”.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library and for purchase at the Gooderham Branch of the Haliburton County Public Library.