Local Book: Cry Wild by R.D. Lawrence

Posted to Books on Nov 1, 2009
Book cover: Book: Cry Wild by R.D. Lawrence

A remarkable saga of a family of timber wolves that roam the untamed wilderness of North America’s forestland. Seen through the eyes of Silverfeet, as the young pup grows to maturity, the wolf family, animals and the roaring inferno of a forest fire that brings about Silverfeet’s fateful encounter with man.
The tale of the mad wolf and the trapper named Morgan grew into legend that would live for years, its untruths embellished by the fear that man has felt for the wolf science time began.

CRY WILD is a literary triumph that evokes a genuine love for all living creatures, and clearly proclaims that one of them, the wolf, is more sinned against than sinner.

Available for loan from the Haliburton County Public Library and is available for viewing at R.D. Lawrence Place in Minden.