Heat Bank Haliburton County to help low income households apply for Ontario Electricity Support Program Credits

As of May 1st, OESP credits will increase by 50% and more households will be eligible for these credits which help make hydro more manageable for lower income households.

Heat Bank Haliburton County, an authorized intake agency for OESP, wants to make sure every household who could be eligible is registered as soon as possible as credits are not retroactive.

Households that are already registered for OESP will automatically receive the increased credit. Those households that have not registered can contact Heat Bank Haliburton County at 705-306-0565 or by email heatbankhc@gmail.com. More information as well as online applications are also available on the Ontario Electricity Support website: www.ontarioelectricitysupport.ca. Heat Bank Haliburton County is planning OESP information pop ups in various places around the County to help raise awareness and assist with application. Visit their website for more details: www.heatbankhc.ca 

OESP is a program of the Ontario Energy Board to help lower income households manage the cost of hydro. Registration is not automatic and households need to apply for the program. Intake agencies, such as Heat Bank Haliburton County, are available to help with the application process.

Once approved, households will see the credit applied directly on their hydro bill each month. The monthly credits now range from $45 up to $113 depending on the household’s situation and income level. For example, a single person earning less than $28,001 would be eligible for a $45 credit. A household with 2 people earning between $28,001 and $39,000 would now qualify for a $40 credit. A family of 5 who heat with electricity and earn between $28,001 and $39,000 would receive $83 through the Energy Intensive OESP. For households that are receiving income from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, these credits will not reduce your monthly social assistance entitlement.