Get where you need to go with Haliburton Rideshare and the Haliburton Transportation Hub

Haliburton Rideshare Car Drawing

In a large county like Haliburton where people don’t always live close to each other or town, it can be hard to get around. Ridesharing is a great way to get to know people and expand your transportation options. Ridesharing involves two or more travelers sharing a ride in a private vehicle, where both the driver and the passengers have a similar starting point, end point and/or route. For regular travel to the same place, this is also known as carpooling.

The newly established website is a great ways to make connections with fellow travellers and share a ride to an event, a meeting, your job, recreation or simply a trip into town.

The Haliburton Transportation Hub is designed help connect you to transportation options that meet your needs so that you can more fully explore, participate in and enjoy life in the Haliburton Highlands. Whether you need a ride to get to an appointment, pick up groceries or attend an event, this website can help match you with services that meet your transportation needs, include the Ridesharing system mentioned above.

For more info and to participate call 1-844-771-RIDE (7433) toll-free.