Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms mandatory in all homes as of April 15, 2015

By April 15, most homes in Ontario must be equipped with working carbon monoxide detectors.

The new Ontario regulations require single-family homes, and any residential building of six units or less, to have the detectors installed near sleeping areas if the building has fuel-fired appliances, a fireplace or an attached garage. The alarms must be able to be heard in a sleeping room with the door closed.

CO alarms range in price from approximately $26 to over $100 depending on whether they are hard-wired, battery operated or plug-in and whether they have additional features (i.e. battery back-up, digital display, etc.). The average mid-range plug-in/battery back-up model is between $35 and $40 per unit. Landlords and home owners will be responsible for complying with the requirements under the Fire Code.

For more information visit the Fire Marshal's CO Alarm Q&A Page.