2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Dates

Posted to Environmental, Services on Jun 20, 2016

The following events are being held for residents of the Municipality of Highlands East:

Tory Hill Landfill Site

Saturday, June 25th from 10:00AM through 2:00PM
19178 Highway 118 between Wilberforce & Tory Hill.

Gooderham Transfer Station

Saturday, August 20th from 1:00PM through 4:00PM
1042 McColl's Road just east of Gooderham.

Tory Hill Landfill Site

Saturday, October 29th from 10:00AM through 2:00PM
19178 Highway 118 between Wilberforce & Tory Hill.

Residents of Highlands East can also attend the following HHW events being held at the Faraday Public Works Yard at 29860 Hwy. 28 South (across from the intersection of Monck Road and Hwy. 28) from 9:30AM through 2:30PM:

  • May 14th, 2016
  • June 11th, 2016
  • July 9th, 2016
  • August 13th, 2016
  • September 17th, 2016

Be sure to bring your landfill disposal card with you to these events.

Contact the Environmental Department at 613-339-2442 for more information or download our helpful flyer: What can I bring to HHW Events?

Tipping Fees for Waste Sites

Posted to Environmental, Services on May 23, 2013

The following items are not accepted at Highlands East Landfills:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Paint

The following items are accepted at no charge:

  • Household Garbage (under 1 cubic-yard)
  • Recyclable Material
  • Scrap Metal
  • Tires (off rim)
  • Tagged or Untagged CFC (Freon) Appliance
  • Brush
  • Oil Tank (empty, dry and cut in half)
  • E-Waste

The following items are accepted with a fee:

  • $20/cubic-yard: Bulk Garbage (over 1 cubic-yard)
  • $30/cubic-yard: Construction Materials and Shingles (sorted)
  • $50/cubic-yard: Construction Materials (unsorted)
  • $50/cubic-yard: Contaminated Soil (soil must meet all regulatory guidelines for acceptance at landfills)
  • $10/unit: Non-CFC (Freon Appliance)
  • $10/unit: Furniture, Mattress, Box Spring
  • $4/ft: Boat with motor & gas tank removed and not stripped of metal
  • $2/ft: Boat with motor & gas tank removed and stripped of metal

Invasive Species: What’s that alien doing in your garden?

Posted to Environmental, Services on Aug 12, 2012

By: Katherine Hills 

Dog Strangling Vine

Environment Canada defines an alien species as a species that has “become established in areas outside of their natural range”. These species can come from across the world, or from another region in Canada. Very often, alien species do not pose a significant risk to the health and biodiversity of our ecosystems and may actually be beneficial (for example, honeybees were introduced to North America in the 1600s via English settlers but are key pollinators of our crops and wild flowers). However, when the introduction or spread of an alien species threatens the environment, economy, or society, including human health, that species is considered invasive.

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Cardiff & Dyno Estate Drinking Water Systems Financial Report 2012

Posted to Downloads, Environmental, Financial Reports, Services on Mar 15, 2012

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust: Protecting our lands for generations to come.

Posted to Environmental, Services on Nov 9, 2011
Crimson Grey by Lyn Winans

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental, registered environmental charity. Its mission is to protect the natural heritage of Haliburton County for future generations.

To get involved, and for more information visit www.haliburtonlandtrust.ca

Gooderham Uranium Level Report

Posted to Environmental, Services on Jul 12, 2011

The report available for download below shows uranium levels in the water collected at the public water tap at the Gooderham Post Office. The Maximum Acceptable Concentration is 20 ug/L and the report shows that the water tested has 1.83 ug/L.

Download File

Waste Management 'Cottage Kits' For Seasonal Residents Now Available

Posted to Administrative, Environmental, Services on May 11, 2011

In order to simplify the management of garbage and recycling for seasonal residents and visitors to Highlands East, we have created the Cottage Kit. 

Included in the the Cottage Kit is everything you'll need to dispose of your garbage safely and in accordance with Municipal By-Laws:

  • A map showing the location of each of Highlands East's landfill sites, the hours of operation for each and a list of disposal fees.
  • A Landfill Pass that will allow you a one-time admission to one of our landfill sites.
  • One clear bag (for garbage).
  • Two clear, blue recycling bags (for containers) and one, sturdy paper bag (for fibres).
  • Recycling & Disposal Information and Safelty Guidelines

Kits are available for $3 each or 10 for $25 and can be purchased at any of Highlands East's Municipal Offices in Wilberforce, Cardiff or Gooderham.

For more information please download the 2011 Cottage Kit Welcome Letter.

Haliburton County Municipal Waste Recycling Strategy, DRAFT

Posted to Downloads, Environmental, Services on Nov 30, 2010

The municipalities of Haliburton County have made available the draft version of the Municipal Waste Recycling Strategy for the public to review and provide comments.

Residents of the Municipality of Highlands East may direct their questions, comments and concerns to:

Glen Covert, Environment/Property Supervisor
Phone: 613-339-2442
Fax: 613-339-1028
Email: gcovert@highlandseast.ca

Comments will be accepted until December 10, 2010.

Download File

Recycling Information

Posted to Downloads, Environmental, Services on Oct 20, 2009

Information sheet outlining recycling categories and requirements.

Download File

Septage Trench Disposal Policy & Application

Posted to Applications, Downloads, Environmental, Services on Nov 25, 2005

A policy regarding the disposal of septage waste at the septage trench site for the Municipality Of Highlands East.

Download File